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Brad Smith

Hosting Reviewer

With more than a thousand website hosting services out there, it’s pretty difficult to find the host that’s perfect for your needs.

At first glance, GoDaddy is great, having low prices and some great features.

godaddy hosting review

But if you look at customer reviews and feedback, you’ll see some polarized opinions, too.

So what is the case exactly with GoDaddy? Should you sign up with them, or not?

Well, we want to help make the decision easier for you. So, we have signed up with GoDaddy to test their performance. We took a deep look at all their features and terms and wrote this definitive review to make it easier for you to know if GoDaddy meets your needs.

Let’s take a closer look.

General Info & Hosting Overview

Our Rating:

Our Verdict: 4.5

SPEED: 518 ms (February 2020 to January 2021)
UPTIME: 99.95% (February 2020 to January 2021)
SUPPORT: 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, WhatsApp
APPS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and 150+ Other Apps with a One-Click Install
FEATURES: Unmetered Bandwidth, 100 GB Storage, Free 1st Year for Office 365 Email and Domain Name
HOSTING PLANS: Shared, WordPress, Cloud, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Servers
SITE TRANSFER: Not free ($99.99 per site)
PRICING: Starting at $1.00/mo (renews at $8.99/mo)

Pros of Using GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy might be best known for a domain registrar, but they have also figured out how to provide a decent hosting service.

Namely, they have delivered solid uptime and page speed over the last few years. In addition, they offer more than 150+ free integrations for your website, as well as helpful customer support.

All in all, you can say that GoDaddy is reliable. In addition to that, they’re also flexible: all pricing plans give you easy third-party app integration with over 150 popular web applications.

And all things considered, their cheapest Economy plan has good value for money, too.

But let’s go on and discuss everything in more detail.

Here are the top things we liked about GoDaddy’s hosting.

1. Decent Uptime at 99.95%

GoDaddy delivers satisfactory uptime on their shared hosting plans. As mentioned, their 12-month average uptime is 99.95%.

GoDaddy last 12-month uptime and speed
GoDaddy average uptime | See stats

Is that any good?

Well, yes. An uptime rate of 99.95% means about 4.5 hours of total downtime per year, which is not too bad.

But it’s definitely not the best either.

In fact, some website hosting services can offer average uptimes as high as 99.995%. That translates to only about half an hour of downtime per year. Of course, 99.995% is the absolute best in the industry.

Still, after testing many other website hosting services, we can say that GoDaddy is well above average. Their average monthly downtime is only around 20 minutes, which is definitely not enough to derail your business during a big sale or launch.

So, even with a few big shifts in May, September, November, you can rely on GoDaddy to keep your site live and running.

Last 12-month average uptime:

  • January 2021: 99.98%
  • December 2020: 99.97%
  • November 2020: 99.82%
  • October 2020: 99.96%
  • September 2020: 99.84%
  • August 2020: 99.99%
  • July 2020: 99.99%
  • June 2020: 99.99%
  • May 2020: 99.89%
  • April 2020: 100%
  • March 2020: 99.96%
  • February 2020: 99.99%

2. Great Page Load Time at 518 ms

This might come as a bit of a surprise:

Our GoDaddy test site has shown a great average page loading time as low as 518 ms over the past 12 months.

GoDaddy Speed Feb 2020 - Jan 2021
GoDaddy average speed See stats

This is somewhat surprising because years ago you wouldn’t associate cheaper web hosts like GoDaddy with performance as great as this.

And fast loading times aren’t just for vanity.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that slow loading times can cause your visitors to leave the site faster. In turn, this hurts your search engine rankings (especially on mobile) and, of course, negatively impacts your conversion rates.

Unfortunately, as you won’t be able to change your web host’s server speed, it’s vital to consider it before signing up with a hosting provider. If your web host is slow on the server level then, sadly, your hands are tied.

Luckily, though, based on our tests, you won’t have to worry about page speed with GoDaddy hosting.

3. Over 150+ One-Click Install Applications

GoDaddy will let you install some powerful third-party integrations to your website. In fact, you can add over 150 of the most popular applications on the Internet – with just one click. That includes content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

godaddy apps

GoDaddy also includes developer-friendly tools like cPanel, MySQL, CloudLinux, Python, and multiple versions of PHP.

So, they have a good variety of options that suit everyone from beginning bloggers to more experienced web developers. What’s useful for some beginners, is that they even have a drag-and-drop website builder, which comes with a separate pricing plan (starting from $9.99/mo), though.

4. Good Customer Support

One feature that we’re always happy to see is 24/7/365 customer support. GoDaddy offers exactly that. They have a speedy live chat, a great network of international phone support in a number of languages, and a decent knowledge base.

In their live chat, GoDaddy has retired the old chatbot, which was used to start the conversation by letting you choose a problem category. Now, after typing in your inquiry, you are instead connected straight with the support agent (within a few minutes).

So, to test out their live chat support, we asked them a few basic questions about site migration. The responses were knowledgeable and on average it took them two minutes to respond.

GoDaddy live chat

GoDaddy has really made big improvements to its live chat support within the past years. It used to be unreliable and often felt like they were trying to sell you something, instead of helping you figure out a solution. But we’re glad that they seem to have listened to user reviews and completely reworked their live chat.

5. Basic Cheap Plan is Good Value (for a Single Basic Website)

When we originally reviewed GoDaddy (in 2017), their cheapest shared hosting plan was too expensive, and the features were really limited. At least compared to the competition.

Now, though, it seems they’ve done a 180-degree turn. Currently, the Economy plan pricing is only $1.00/month with a 12-month contract. That’s as cheap as it gets.

But for such a low price, do you actually get any value?

Well, yes. You get one website, up to 100 GB of storage, and unmetered bandwidth. Also, you’ll get a free domain with any annual plan, and free Office 365 Email for the first year. All these features are really useful and not every host offers them as part of their cheapest plan.

For example, some of the other hosts we’ve reviewed, like SiteGround, also performed well in our tests. But with them, you only get 10 GB of storage with the cheapest plan – GoDaddy gives you ten times more.

So, the overall value you’re getting from GoDaddy’s Economy Plan for a single basic website is good, considering that it’s insanely cheap.

However, despite some remarkable features and a great price, you will have to make a few compromises with GoDaddy, too. It’s only when you dig a little deeper that you realize it’s not as good as it might seem. We’ll discuss this more in detail in the next section.

Cons of Using GoDaddy Hosting

Although the value for GoDaddy’s cheapest plan seems good at first, you’ll find some problems once you look closer.

In fact, their low prices somewhat contribute to the problems. Namely, the cheapest plan lacks a few important features and there are a lot of upsells throughout the checkout process. Also, the renewal pricing will be much higher than the first-term discount.

In addition to that, we didn’t exactly enjoy GoDaddy’s slightly confusing and vague money-back guarantee, either.

So, here are the biggest cons we found, discussed in more detail.

1. Base Plan Lacks Critical Features (No SSL Certificate, Backups, Security, or Site Migrations)

The top hosts we’ve reviewed will throw in features like an SSL certificate or backups on every plan. In fact, these have become commonplace and are pretty much required to run a site today.

Unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn’t offer any of the mentioned features in their base plans.

Let’s take a look at SSL certificates for example. Unless you’re already paying for GoDaddy’s most expensive plan, this feature will cost you:

GoDaddy SSL Ceritificates prices

To be honest:

These prices are a bit too much. Especially as most hosts today will give you a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for each and every one of your sites.

Some hosts will also give you backups and website security for free.

But with GoDaddy, backups will cost you $2.99/month and website security $5.59/month (renews at $6.99/month).

In addition to all that, there’s another common feature that GoDaddy doesn’t offer for free:

Site migrations.

Again, many hosts will move at least one existing site over to their servers for free. Many of them can even do this within a few hours of asking so you don’t have to wait around.

Not GoDaddy, though. They don’t offer any free managed migrations. This feature will cost $99.99 per site and per database, and it takes 7–10 business days. So it’s not just expensive but also slow.

If you add all of these extra costs up over the course of a few years then GoDaddy hosting doesn’t look very cheap anymore.

And all these paid extra features bring us to our second con.

2. Recent Downward Shifts in Uptime

Measured data for our test site with GoDaddy shows that in May, September, and November 2020, GoDaddy’s uptime took a downturn. We measured uptimes of only 99.89%, 99.84%, and 99.82%, respectively.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that GoDaddy can’t be trusted anymore. Keep in mind that throughout several years, their uptime has been consistently decent. However, the downward spikes within the last few months might be reoccurring, if the causes are not taken care of soon.

To help you keep track of any changes, we’ll continue to monitor GoDaddy and we’ll let you know as soon as we have news on their performance.

3. Lots of Upsells

All the lacking features that we discussed above, lead to a lot of upsells during the signup process. In fact, GoDaddy has become somewhat infamous for upselling. The reason for offering so many upsells is to increase the final price that you’re going to pay, as the initial plan prices are absurdly low.

The first upsell that you’ll run into has got to do with the monthly cost for the hosting plan. Based on the duration of your chosen plan, the amount that you will prepay can vary greatly.

A short, three-month plan has a significant monthly cost: $10.99/month. So, for the best value, you might have to sign up for 12, 24, or 36 months instead, getting a monthly price of$1.00, $3.50, or $4.33, respectively.

godaddy billing cycleWith such offers, you might be tempted to get a longer plan right away. But this means you’ll have to invest a larger sum of money upfront, making a much longer commitment.

And this is just the first of many upsells.

GoDaddy will also try to sell you a lot of extra services at checkout, too. For example, they will automatically opt you in for website backups that will cost another $2.99/month for the duration of your plan.

Just that one upsell alone will already double your price.

And it doesn’t stop there, either. As discussed above, you’ll see upsells for SSL certificates, backups, and “essential website security” which refers to malware scans and updates.

GoDaddy’s checkout process can feel like a minefield, where you need to carefully watch each step before accidentally paying two or three times the initial price.

And as if that wasn’t enough.

4. Renewal Rates Are Much Higher

All of GoDaddy’s plans follow the industry-standard pricing trick where they double or triple the price when it’s time to renew.

The Economy plan, for example, will jump to $8.99/month when you renew, compared to the initial $1.00/month. That’s nine times more than the original price. And you won’t get any extra features or better performance. You will just have to pay more.

When choosing a pricing plan and its duration with GoDaddy, you should carefully calculate all costs to see what the best option for your needs is. With the lower-tier plans, you’ll pay a smaller monthly fee but your SSL certificate will renew for a higher price. The most expensive plan, however, already includes free SSL for all your sites for the duration of your subscription.

So, if you have several sites, it might make sense to get the most expensive plan for the longest duration. This way, you can avoid at least the SSL renewal costs.

But you might also want to look at other cheap web hosts before making your choice.

GoDaddy Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Here’s a quick overview of GoDaddy’s hosting plans:

Economy Plan Deluxe Plan Ultimate Plan
Pricing $1.00/month
Renews at $8.99/mo
Renews at $11.99/mo
Renews at $16.99/mo
Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Storage 100GB Unmetered Unmetered
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Other Features • Free Email (renews $23.88/yr) • Free Email (renews $23.88/yr)
• Unlimited Subdomains
• Free Email (renews $23.88/yr)
• 2x Processing Power and Memory
• Free SSL Certificate
• Premium DNS

Quick Facts:

  • Money-Back: A slightly confusing 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Website Migration: No free transfers. Cost for managed migration $99.99 per site. The migration will take 7-10 business days.
  • Free domain: Free for the duration of the initial annual plan (12, 24, 36 months, etc.).
  • Ease of Signup: Very easy signup.
  • Payment Methods: All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Somewhat confusing refund policy & terms such as “If a Hosting Service has already been performed, then it is non-refundable (if not yet performed, eligible for a refund within 30 days of the date of the transaction).”
  • Upsells: A lot of upsells. Price variation for the initial term length, site migrations, backups, SSL certificates, security, and more.
  • Account Activation: Fast account activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Lots of 1-click installation options with the most popular open-source apps.

Do We Recommend GoDaddy?

Yes, we do.

GoDaddy has strong uptime and fast page loading speeds. They work well with the most popular web apps you would want. And the initial pricing for the cheapest plans is still good value despite lacking several important features.

GoDaddy offers many upsells for basic features that you’d assume were just included for free (SSL, backups, etc.). Adding any one of these might double the cost of your plan. But together, they could easily end up costing you significantly more than other web hosting providers.

So while GoDaddy’s overall performance is good, they do have some drawbacks. However, they’re still a reliable host.

Visit www.GoDaddy.com

Best alternatives for GoDaddy:

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Do you have any personal experience with GoDaddy – positive or negative? If so, please leave us an honest, transparent review below!

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    1  — November 18, 2020

    Non existent support

    Non-existent “technical support” and server issues in their cPanel hosting makes it one of the worst hosting providers I have experienced in 20 years. Not worth even a penny.


    1  — August 26, 2020

    Godaddy is awful

    Absolutely horrible host. As a digital marketer, I’ve used 50+ hosts. Godaddy is the bottom of the barrel on my list.

    Uptime and speed are okay, but their site is FLOODED with 404 errors. You want to update DNS settings? Too bad, 404. Need to add a new email? Too bad, 404.

    So then you resort to reaching out to support – which sucks. “Award-Winning Support” like they advertise is a lie. They are helpful if you can get a hold of them. The wait times on the phone and live chat are often an hour or more, and that’s at 6am or 5pm when I start and end my day. When you message them in the middle of the day you’re looking at a few hours of wait.

    Just avoid them, they’re horrible. If you use them, migrate to another host (like a2, liquidweb, kinsta, or siteground) and the level of support you’ll get is a night and day difference.


    1  — June 23, 2020

    Servers are slow and prone to overload

    I had to switch from go daddy hosting to bluehost because I experience overload so frequent on godaddy hosting. I tried to upgrade the hosting plan but it was still slow and prone to overload. Their capacity is so small. WIth bluehost, even the lowest capacity is plenty.


    1  — May 31, 2020

    Do not fall for it, GoDaddy = NO GO

    Please do not fall for their sweet talk. I’ve been with them for about 5.5 years now for some personal projects, and I’m currently searching for a better alternative… Which could be any because GoDaddy has degraded to one of the worst I ever saw in my career so far. My websites go down at least once a week, mostly more. I have “uptimerobot” data to support that statement. They have no free SSL, which you can expect from any other provider without even questioning it. One time I had about 30 ~ 40 visitors filling out a simple form at “the same time” (10 min window) when giving a talk, and the site went down for 15 minutes. Their chat support knows nothing, any technical term is unknown to them. Out of 4~5 support chats I only once had a person with very good knowledge of their servers, kudo’s to him. But please DO NOT fall for it, take anything else but not goDaddy!

    I’m a web developer in a big agency, I make custom websites and write custom WordPress themes for our clients. I’m really talking out of experience. Even a 1 star rating is too high. GoDaddy is a NO GO!


    2  — March 26, 2020

    Shady business practices

    I’ve been using them for decades and they’ve been ok but now their website is hard to navigate and they trick you by forcing 2 year renewals and other products into your cart. If you aren’t paying attention you’ll be billed for all sorts of items that you never officially asked for or agreed to.

    For example, when you sign up for a domain they assume you want their website package and in a sneaky way force a trial on you. 1 month later be ready, because if you don’t cancel the trial that you didn’t know about, you’ll see a $288 charge on your credit card.

    “,When I called they said “we try to send out emails notifying you of the charge”. I looked through all of my emails and nothing – not even in bulk.

    I told her to cancel the 2 domain names and asked for a refund because I only had for the domains for a month. They refused.

    They’ve become a shady company, I wouldn’t recommend nor will I use them again.


    1  — January 18, 2020

    Worst Hosting Ever

    Every 3 to 4 months I had an issue with godaddy, hacking, plugins, wordpress, name it. Everything happened and they charged every.single,time around 100$ to ‘fix it by a professional’ So I decided to go with an external agency and they told me they couldn’t fix it as the problem came from godaddy themselves. But godaddy told me they couldn’t fix it because it didn’t come from them.

    I’m switching providers this week.


    1  — January 17, 2020

    Do it yourself company!

    It is that type of Do it yourself because we are afraid to break your website – type of company! I am no developer, and luckily I have some knowledge, but what happens to people without the knowledge needed? If support fucks up something, they direct you to Experts service where you need to pay to correct technical support’s mistakes!! Unbelievably awful business model. Go for BlueHost or NameCheap better! Professionals and they do not treat you as a developer!


    1  — January 14, 2020

    Terrible!! Watch out!

    I’ve ran into countless problems with GoGaddy, where do I even start.

    Built a staging site, tried pushing it over (this has always been a hit or miss… usually leaving a few things wonky). This time it broke the whole site. I tried to push a few times and had no luck. Was chatting with support for 1.5 hrs with no resolution and got disconnected!!! The rep even suggested that I should change my permalinks!!! I went ahead and restored the original version and THEN was not able to get into /wp-admin/… would get redirected to /wp-admin/insall.php/. I’ve been on the phone with them for an hour now, being tossed around through tech reps. Database is apparently erased… I cannot stress enough to not use this company!!!

    Their CDN simply does not work, and there are a bunch of random server side errors when I run my page through GTMetrix. Tried calling about that too and they suggested that it was “probably a plugin”, and blamed the fact that i’m using PNGs. I disabled and checked all plugins and there was no difference.

    Before you call, know your stuff! You’ll most likely get manipulated into thinking that its your fault.


    1  — January 7, 2020

    Worst Hosting Ever

    Their service is the worst in this whole world. I made a mistake of renewing with them for 1 year which is my prod server. Everytime they push some idiotic update and server is down for minimum 24 hours. When you complain they will blame you that you would have filled the storage disk to max capacity and now the server is down because of this. They make big claims that 99.99% uptime is all fake and a marketing scam.


    1  — December 30, 2019

    Bought 3 years and canceled in 2 months – no money back

    I have purchased a 3 years hosting plan and cancelled by mistake and immediately contacted them to either restore service or give me a refund but they did nothing. Customer service is very poor asking me 150 more to re-enable services. My mistake I went with godaddy – their ssl enablement is also a very lengthy process. Overall my recommendation if you are looking for hosting there are so many other providers – in top 10 hosting providers godaddy is not one of them.

    Peachy E

    1  — December 20, 2019


    Our website was down for two weeks getting 502 errors which was a hosting issue. The customer service and their ticketing is a headache. For two weeks I was over the phone more than 5 hours a day listening to their rubbish music. We built momentum in 10 months for Christmas sales and just 3 weeks before Christmas we had this hosting issue which killed all our sales and business. I had no choice but to migrate the hosting to another provider.


    1  — October 24, 2019

    Why GoDaddy is a bad provider

    GoDaddy is a very poor service provider. The server packages are extremely slow and weak, while being more expensive than the competition.

    We had some hard speed issues on our site after transitioning to GoDaddy. We called multiple times to solve the issues, but were met with the only recommendation of increasing the package and test the website on GTMetrix, a suggestion an intern could have made.

    Once we upgraded packages, we were still facing the same issues and repeated the process. The only recommendation / “support” we received was to increase once more the package we had with them. We did so, and this did not solve the issue whatsoever.

    Once we switched to a provider with a much cheaper and lower end package, the website starting running as smoothly as on our staging site.

    Very poor customer service, quality of service and useless recommendations.

    0/10 Would absolutely not recommend.

    Michael H

    5  — October 3, 2019

    So far so good

    I have used GoDaddy for over a year and have bought new domains as well as bought expired domains through their auctions. I haven’t had any issues transferring to other web hosts. I would recommend them so far since I have had no issues.

    John W

    1  — July 26, 2019

    Worst hosting ever and serious privacy concerns

    I don’t know why anyone still uses these guys. Their servers are slow, customer service is seriously lacking and there are problems around every corner. I contacted their support because I have a client that is using their Ultimate shared hosting package. I know… shared hosting isn’t always the best, but it’s what the client wanted. So, we ran into an issue where emails from the website were always going to spam.

    The simple solution is to change it so that emails are being sent via smtp through an email account. It shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve done this before. Except for when I went to run a test and found out that all email ports (25, 465 and 587) were being blocked. I ran a quick port checker from an external site and confirmed that they were open on the email server. It appeared that Godaddy was blocking the website from connecting to those ports.

    So, I contact customer support in order to see if we can work out a resolution. Besides, this is the first time I’ve ever run across this issue with any web host… even shared hosting from other web hosts. I tell the tech what the issue is and instead of being straight with me and telling me that that won’t allow a website to connect to port 587, he leads me on this hour long journey to prove to me that our website can send through their email server at port 25 ONLY. What he doesn’t say is that the emails will only end up in your spam. Even their own chat transcript ends up in my spam. Great solution, huh???

    Worse yet, they want all email from their shared hosting to flow through THEIR unencrypted email servers. Do you have secure password reset links that need to be sent from your website. Bad news… Godaddy want to read that email? That’s exceptionally bad for website owners and their customers. He couldn’t give me a straight answer as to why they won’t permit it and that means they’re okay with bad privacy standards.

    Do not ever work with this company. I’m moving all of my domain names away and I will never recommend them again!


    1  — June 17, 2019

    Terrible for WordPress

    I’ve built a large number of wordpress sites for clients in the last few years, and Godaddy is a host I refuse to work with. One thing they never tell you upfront is the amount of RAM allocated to your site. It’s so pathetic that it CRASHES your host service for 10-15 mins when you install certain plugins into WordPress. I’ve had to spend extra time tweaking settings on both the server and WP’s side just to counter this nonsense. Considering that most other hosts are pretty much install and go for WP, Godaddy should be avoided if you’re gonna use WP.

    Dexter C

    1  — June 12, 2019

    Terrible Customer Support

    I have been a Godaddy customer for over 3 years. They were the first host I ever tried. When I needed SSL, I bought a certificate, but it took them forever to install it. when I contacted support, they tried successfully upsell me to a more expensive (managed certificate) at nearly twice the advertised price.
    My sites worked well when they worked, but whenever I had an issue, customer support was more interested in renewing upcoming product renewals than solving my issues.

    If you want to contact support through their chat, I’ve discovered you have to lie and say you are interested in sales, instead of a support issue. Then you get through to chat agent. They deliberately make it almost impossible for you to contact them for support issues.

    They had been sending me emails for the past month or so asking me to upgrade to a Business Hosting plan from shared hosting. I decided I will try it. Their help and support pages boast that it will be a better plan and that the migration will take 30-40 minutes.

    I paid for the upgrade, and they do nothing for two days. I contact support to find out why it wasnt done, they give me some reason that my storage space (on the lower plan) was more than what I was allowed on the higher plan, which makes no sense, and that I need to remove some files. When I check my files, I was using less than 1/2 of the storage allowed for either plan, but I still removed some files and asked them to please migrate my site since I already paid for it.

    They attempted to migrate the site, and send me an email that it was completed (of course asking me to purchase something else as well). But when I check my migrated site, they did not transfer the databases, so the sites were not loading on the new server.

    I contacted support again (after lying and saying my issue was a sales related issue) so that the live chat button will be active, and tell them that the sites are not loading. They open a ticket for me and tell me to wait, and still have the audacity to tell me that my ssl certificate is expiring in the next 4 months, and if I want to renew it now, while my sites are down.

    After another day of my site not loading, they tell me they are having some issues with my databases being corrupted (they were working fine before) and that I have to wait another 72 hours with my sites down for them to rectify it. When I ask for a refund and to revert my plan to the shared hosting plan, they refuse and say I must wait for the 72 hours for them to sort out the problem.

    I am now convinced that Godaddy is only concerned with upselling, and not about support. I will definitely be moving my sites to another host at the end of my current hosting period. I will not advise anyone to use Godaddy for anything other than a basic website without any databases or any need for real technical support


    1  — June 12, 2019

    They reel you in and steal your money

    As most of you who are small business owners know, there are times when you are to busy to check the details. About 3 years ago I added an email for a temporary employee to my account . When the employee left I called GoDaddy and canceled the email. Yet they continued to charge me for it for 3 years(I didn’t notice the charges because I had my main emails set to auto renew every 3 years.) When I called them out on it they refused to refund my money and told me that it was my responsibility to manage my auto renewals and that even though I canceled the email. When asked I asked where to find my auto renewals I was directed down a path that required four clicks to find the secure location of the auto renewals. The charge was relatively small for a big company like GoDaddy however they said they couldn’t refund it because the charge was more than 30 days old even though the product wasn’t being used. I am trapped because I just renewed for 3 years. Don’t make the same mistake I did and support the unethical culture of this company.

    Melanie B

    1  — June 11, 2019

    GoDaddy shut my business down

    If I could leave zero stars, I absolutely would! I’ve been with GoDaddy for awhile, and for the most part, everything seemed okay until last year when they pressured me to upgrade my emails to Outlook 365 – that’s been a nightmare of its own, but we’ve mostly worked thru that or dealt with the issues.

    But, yesterday pushed me over the edge. So, I was advised by a kind customer that our site was down. When I checked, it looked like an SSL certificate issue, which had just auto-renewed thru GoDaddy. So I called them.

    First call: 35 minutes on hold – I had to leave the office for an appointment so I hung up.

    Second call: 1 hour, 14 minutes on hold – I was told that I have duplicate SSL certificates on my account, so they cancelled one and refunded the money for it. Interestingly, this was the one that was connected to my site. So, they are going to connect the other one to the site, and that will solve the problem.

    Today, third call: no hold time, but today I’m told that it could be up to 72 hours for resolution of the SSL issue. So, a total of up to 5 days my site will possibly be down. No backup plan, no solution offered, no possibility to escalate the issue for faster resolution. Nothing. Just “sorry ma’am”.

    I run a property management company – our listings are on our site; our application is on our site; our login portals for tenants to pay their rent are on our site!

    So, with their auto-renewing SSL, GoDaddy failed and my site went down. Then, when I called to get it fixed, their “fix” caused it to remain down for up to an additional 3 days!

    I’ll spend those 3 days looking for a new hosting company that cares whether I’m shut down or not….and that answers their customers’ calls in less than an hour!


    1  — May 20, 2019

    Moved all my domains away

    Godaddy is the most unethical domain registrar you can think of.

    1. They use dark patterns and try to push their worthless upsells as much as they can, making you think it’s a default add-on you really need.

    2. They make transferring domains away a real PITA by purpose. Examples:
    – Bought a Godaddy auction domain? There’s a 60 days waiting period before you can transfer away.
    – Changing domain contact info? You can, but after this you can’t transfer the domain away for 60 days.
    – Transferring away? You first need to turn off WHOIS privacy and expose your private contact details. No other registrar I know of does this.

    I’m using them for 10+ years, but moved all my domains away a long time ago. Unfortunately, I still need to deal with this gang of crooks whenever I buy a Godaddy auction domain which I transfer away as fast as possible.

    TL;DR: Godaddy sucks big time!

    Gretchen A

    1  — March 11, 2019


    We were warned about go daddy previously and wish we would have changed our service sooner. In June, a representative from go daddy called us and told us we needed to update something on our web domain hosting. Instead they set up an entirely new website called new.jackandg.com that we weren’t aware existed until now, nine months later, charged us $318, and refuse to refund us. We never authorized this, or received any sort of documentation letting us know this happened. The customer service supervisor, Cache, claimed there is nothing they can do to refund the charges even if we cancel the 3 year hosting now. They claim that since they emailed us and we never called to dispute the charges within the 30-day window then it is our responsibility. This is a bait scheme that they use where they claim you need some new service but they are just ripping you off and creating new websites that no one ever uses. After 7 years of being a loyal customer, with four domains hosted we are transferring all domains to a new host. We tried to reason with you GoDaddy but your lack of interest in retaining loyal customers is abhorred. Insulting!