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Brad Smith

Hosting Reviewer

HostGator might be one of the biggest, oldest web hosting companies in the industry, but they’re still posting a solid average uptime of 99.93% over the past 12 months.

HostGator Shared review

Their basic shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain (for the first year), and a free SSL certificate. They also have great customer service, who connected through a live chat instantly and answered each question within a few seconds.

Unfortunately, many extra services, like backups and security, will be tacked on as additional fees. Plus, the renewal rates rise aggressively after your first term expires.

Here’s a complete look at our hands-on test, using third-party data from Pingdom to shed light on their performance.

General Info & Hosting Overview

Our Rating:

Our Verdict: 4.0

SPEED: 857 ms (February 2020 to January 2021)
UPTIME: 99.93% (February 2020 to January 2021)
SUPPORT: 24/7 Live Chat
APPS: Over 75 apps supported
FEATURES: Unmetered bandwidth and storage, single email account, free domain 1st year
HOSTING PLANS: Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Servers
SITE TRANSFER: Single Free Site Transfer
PRICING: Starting at $2.75/mo (renews at $6.95/mo)

Pros of Using HostGator Shared

HostGator’s uptime performance used to be an issue in years past. But not anymore, based on our 12 months’ worth of tracking.

On top of that, their customer service was fast and friendly. They’ll help move your site over to their service for free. And beginners will like a lot of the simple, intuitive options directed their way.

Here’s a quick summary:

1. Stable Uptime of 99.93%

HostGator has posted an average of 99.93% uptime with a bit more than six hours of downtime over the last 12 months. That’s not the best uptime we’ve seen but also not the worst.

The good part is that they have an uptime guarantee which says that if they drop below 99.90%, you can receive one month of credit on your account.

Obviously, any planned maintenance or impossible-to-predict hacks aren’t factored into this guarantee. You will, however, have to reach out and ask for the credit by submitting a support ticket to their billing department within 30 days.

We’ve started to see a few other hosts pop up with uptime guarantees recently, and it means all customers win as a result. Competitors coming out and doing this helps raise the bar for the entire industry. It forces everyone else in the market to either match their guarantee and raise the standard level of service or risk falling behind.

HostGator last 12-month uptime and speed
HostGator average uptime | See stats

Last 12-month average uptime:

  • January 2021: 99.97%
  • December 2020: 100%
  • November 2020: 99.99%
  • October 2020: 99.99%
  • September 2020: 99.50%
  • August 2020: 99.99%
  • July 2020: 99.98%
  • June 2020: 99.99%
  • May 2020: 99.96%
  • April 2020: 99.78%
  • March 2020: 99.99%
  • February 2020: 99.99%

2. Decent Load Time 857 ms

HostGator’s servers had no issues keeping our site up and live over the past year.

However what about their server speed?

HostGator delivered an average page loading time of 857 ms over the last 12 months.

HostGator Speed Feb 2020 - Jan 2021
HostGator average speed See stats

This is definitely not the fastest speed we’ve seen but it’s decent enough to get a spot in our pros section. Moreover, HostGator has improved its page loading times quite a lot. Not a very long time ago, it took more than a second to load our site.

Why is it important to have a fast page loading time?

Slow page loading times have been shown to impact your visitor’s experience directly. And that has a trickle-down effect to hitting your bottom line, too.

There are a few things you can do to speed up your site without switching hosts. But if your host is consistently slow, it means you’ll constantly be fighting a losing battle.

3. Good Support

Similar to other known providers like SiteGround and Dreamhost, HostGator provides a knowledge base, phone, email, and live chat support.

We tested out their live chat option.

We asked a simple question about their shared hosting plans and got connected to a customer rep within two minutes. The replies were fast and knowledgeable.

HostGator shared live chat

Overall it was a good customer support experience.

4. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator is so confident in their service that they extend the industry-average 30-day refund policy an extra two weeks or so to 45 days.

That means you can use them for over a full month and still get your purchase price back if any issues pop up.

This 45-day money-back guarantee applies to all shared, reseller, and VPS hosting packages.

The only catch is that this does not apply to HostGator’s dedicated servers, administrative fees, install fees for custom software. After combing through 30+ Terms of Service documents by now, we’ve found that these caveats are fairly common in the hosting industry.

So, for example, if your plan included a free domain name, they’ll deduct the standard fee of $15.00 for the domain from the refund amount.

There are a few other points to make. HostGator’s Terms give them up to 90 days to actually issue a refund. No refunds will be given on check, money order, Western Union payments, or bank wire transfers, either.

Refunds are only available for new plans or accounts. So if you previously signed up for one, and are canceling a renewal or second attempt, you won’t get anything in return.

And last but not least, foreign currency refunds are processed based on the U.S. Dollar exchange rates.

5. Site Security Features Available

HostGator’s shared hosting plans are fairly bare-bones. You’re getting enough for one site, but not a whole lot of extras on top of it.

Fortunately, they do offer a few extra security features like the ability to add SiteLock monitoring to your site. This service will run daily, looking out for any potential site breaches or hacks and let you know instantly when they find it.

They also offer Spam Assassin on their email plans to help prevent spam from hitting your inbox in the first place.

The only downside is that SiteLock will cost you a little extra. We’ll expand on this below in the Cons, but the sticker price is $1.67/mo, billed annually at $19.99.

6. Free Site & cPanel Migrations

If this isn’t your first site, and you’re trying to move an existing one over, HostGator’s got your back.

You’ll have 30 days after sign-up to get in touch and have them help move any site files, databases, scripts, and even a domain name over for you.

This includes a full cPanel transfer. So if you happened to have multiple site installs (like subdomains for one large site), you’re covered.

All of HostGator’s shared hosting plans come with a single site (or cPanel) migration included. Different plans, like resellers, for instance, will get access to more (up to 30).

A single free site migration isn’t a lot compared to some hosts. But it’s still better than others, like Bluehost, that will charge $150 for moving up to five sites at a time. Click here to read our detailed comparison between Bluehost and HostGator.

7. Very User-Friendly for Beginners

HostGator is tailor-made for beginner bloggers or webmasters.

Their site is full of tutorials, walkthroughs, and more to help you navigate the murky world of DNS and data centers.

hostgator shared knowledge base
They also have extra features for beginners who are looking to set up a site without the hassle of hiring other people to design, build, and manage everything.

Their website builder tool, Gator by HostGator, is one of the better ones we’ve reviewed. It comes with free hosting and a domain name, so you just need to purchase a single account for all of the necessities.

The customizable templates are all pretty modern, to begin with, and you can easily customize how they look by dragging and dropping each feature. You’ll also get site analytics and a free SSL certificate to help safeguard your visitors’ personal data (like their physical location).

Gator by HostGator even comes with an eCommerce plan, so you can set up a fully-functioning online store with inventory and more, all without worrying about payment gateways, plugins, or any other messy technology. It just works.

Cons of Using HostGator Shared

HostGator’s consistently strong uptime was, frankly, surprising (in a good way). We’re also fans of their uptime guarantee.

Beyond that, their beginner-friendly approach and helpful customer service mean that there’s a lot to like about their service.

Unfortunately, we also ran into a few issues along the way while testing them out. Here are the biggest problems we found:

1. Lots of Extra Fees for ‘True’ Backups, Gmail, and Malware

HostGator’s shared hosting plans are cheap, with introductory pricing starting at only $2.75/month (for 36 months).

Their cheapest plan (“Hatchling”) comes with a single domain name, one-click installations of popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, and more, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, and a free SSL certificate. Basically, all of the core features you need for a complete website.

HostGator shared additional services

However, that’s about all they provide in their default plans. All of the ‘extra’ stuff, like site backups, Gmail access, SiteLock monitoring, and SEO tools will all cost you extra when it’s time to checkout.

It’s disappointing because many of these features are worded carefully on the site, like “available,” to make you think they’re included. Browse the other top hosts we’ve reviewed and you’ll see that many of them, in fact, do throw these into their basic pricing.

It’s only when you get to the very end of the process, when you go to enter your billing information, that you’ll realize all of these extra features will cost you, well, extra.

Gmail is the standard $5/month or $60/year per user, which is their normal pricing. But then SiteLock will cost you $19.99/year, CodeGuard (to backup your sites) will cost you $23.95/year, and they don’t even keep many previous versions of your site on file in case you run into any problems.

So while the initial plan seems inexpensive at first, it starts to become pretty pricey when all is said and done.

2. Industry-Standard Pricing ‘Tricks’

In addition to extra fees, HostGator pulls two pricing tricks that are pretty standard in the industry.

The first is advertising a low rate like $2.75/month, only for you to realize that it requires you prepaying for a full three years to actually get it. Otherwise, you’re looking at $10.95/month for an actual single month’s worth of service.HostGator Shared Price Breaks for Long Term Plans That’s just the beginning, though. Because on top of this, HostGator’s renewal pricing jumps dramatically after your initial plan expires.

So let’s say you go ahead and lock-in that low rate for three years. You’ll be getting a pretty good deal, no doubt.

The trouble starts when it’s time to renew your plan in three years. At that point, your monthly rate for the same plan jumps to $6.95/month (or $250.20 total) — more than double what you just paid for the same exact service.

Essentially, they’re preying on the fact that after a few years, the likelihood of you wanting to switch services is pretty low. So you’re locked in for a while (like a cable company or gym membership).

Lots of other hosts we’ve reviewed pull this same stunt. However, that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

HostGator Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Shared Hosting: HostGator has three shared hosting plan option to choose from:

Hatchling Plan Baby Plan Business Plan
Pricing $2.75/month
Renews at $6.95/mo
Renews at $9.95/mo
Renews at $14.95/mo
Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Storage Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Other Features •Unlimited Addon Domains • Dedicated IP
• Free Positive SSL Upgrade
• Free SEO Tools

Quick Facts

  • Domain: Yes. For the first year.
  • Ease of Signup: Easy signup process.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal.
  • Money-Back: 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Introductory pricing is only available for long-term plan purchases. Renewal rates will also more than double. Extra services, like backups and malware monitoring, are all extra fees, too.
  • Upsells: Lots of upsells.
  • Account Activation: It can take up to 24 – 48 hours to activate your account.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): They make it easy to install popular apps and CMSs in a few steps using QuickInstall.

Do We Recommend HostGator Shared?

Yes, we do. But there are better options out there to choose from.

HostGator’s shared hosting does offer a lot of benefits. The uptime has been solid together with improved speed. The customer service was good. And the plethora of beginner-friendly options make it user-friendly.

However, the extra pricing hikes make it too expensive to get our 100% recommendation.

Best alternatives for HostGator:

Further reading: The 10 Best Web Hosting Services (In 2021)

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    1  — November 9, 2020

    Can’t do a simple WP Migration

    I have had a work order in place for over 14 days (and counting) for HG to migrate a simple, small WP site from GoDaddy. I am on the phone with HG support literally every 1 to 2 days; the phone rep confirms that they have all the info to do the migration; they confirm that the logins that I provided are working, BUT they fail to move the site. I could paste-in pages of documentation about all the hassle I have gotten, but I’ll spare you here – it is representative of the typical inane things that go on, with bad service and either insincere or powerless support representatives. Granted they are all wonderful to speak with and promise they are going to give your case special attention, but in the end (another 48 hours later), there are no results; and also, no emails back to me, the website admin. (Yes they have all my contact info and promise to include me in all communications BUT they don’t. My client does not monitor his emails from them and has authorized me to get all the communications directly, but HG fails to follow-through. My client chose to switch to HG because he thought he’d save a lot of money on email services. He handled the email migration with HG directly and went through hell for 10 days, before his email was actually restored and working. The hours he had to spend with them on the phone, and the hours that I’ve had to put into this with HG support, have cost him thousands of dollars.


    4  — October 29, 2020

    Easy going

    I’ve been a hostgator I client for a year and I decided to extend the cooperation for another three years. So far I didn’t have any technical problems.

    Catherine M

    2  — October 28, 2020

    .NET Support Missing in Action

    I took out a .NET windows hosting account with Hostgator but we have found that our application is running very slow. When we discovered it was slow, we contacted tech support for .NET, and found out that customer service for .NET was even slower. Plus, additional code was placed by the technician that ended up costing us hours of extra work to find and resolve the code error. There was no windows hosting support I could contact directly. They seem to be isolated in a backroom somewhere. I have to leave a message with regular support and they relayed it over to the Windows support team. It takes forever to get back to us on a request, because we can’t talk to anyone directly. Meanwhile, business is lost.

    We have been a reseller with Hostgator since 2008 (on the Linux Hosting side) – and never imagined this would happen if I hosted our application on Hostgators .NET servers. I was always able to talk to someone directly to get to a solution. Not with .NET Hosting – it’s been so difficult.

    I’d like to provide a more positive review since I have dealt with the company for many years, but I truly believe having no direct support for this side of the business is a step backward (in my opinion).


    5  — October 27, 2020

    Happy with the service

    Transfer from the previous host was fast and simple. No issues found. All my sites are up and working and have better load times than before.


    1  — October 22, 2020

    After 4 years, I am considering leaving

    Last month I had an attack, and got sitelock to fix the issue per a recommendation by the hostgator rep. Then this month I am getting database error connection issues on a site protected by sitelock and considered clean based on their info.

    I called to find out what is going on and they stated that i am using a lot of resources… which doesn’t make sense since my traffic is below 500 a day and I only have up to 7 wordpress plugins. Nothing major to cause an issue. They told me it was my wordfence and yoast plugin…

    I deleted both plugins per their request which shouldn’t have been causing issues, but did it anyways.

    Then it happened again, and they came up with a new thing saying i have to optimize my php or or mysql and since i had no idea how to do that, i asked for help.

    The lady rep at the hostgator guided me through, but I told her I did not feel comfortable and did not want my site to get damaged by this. She stated it wouldn’t and that it is an easy thing to do. She did it and it corrupted my postmeta folder…

    Now my site is broken. I had to pay 25 for a backup and it has been 72 hours already, nothing. I told them that after this was fixed that I was planning to get their vps and codeguard, but then the issue happened again to another one of my sites…

    The database error came up again, but this site is even smaller and with barely 10 people traffic a day. I am calling now, and got a rep who didn’t do anything and did not want to transfer me to a manager. He still, I MEAN STILL has me on hold. No response, and doesn’t want me to do the survey.

    I am chatting with someone in the chat box now as this is beginning to push me away from the hostgator. The sad part is I have a back up for everything dated a month ago, but I wanted a more recent backup after a few updates. I wanted to trust my host provider and believe they would fix this issue properly. Now I am wondering if this is a scam to get me to buy a bigger package, making it seem like all my sites are using a lot of resources when they are not. It’s disgusting and I am utterly disappointed. I used to recommend people to this host, and I regret it now.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded October, 2020):

    Hi Carlos,

    We'd love to help get this resolved for you once and for all. Could you please send us an email at reputation@endurance.com and provide the primary email address on your account and the best phone number to reach you? If you reach out, as requested, we'll make this right for you. Thank you.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator

    Donna K

    4  — September 25, 2020

    Breath of Fresh Air

    I had a nightmare with another hosting service where I couldn’t get things working correctly since early August and it is now almost October. They only had email support which was the first annoying problem. Anyway, I eventually moved to Hostgator and cannot tell you how great it was to have the chat support on two occasions in two days, get the site up and running. I didn’t have to do ANYTHING except pay. I find their prices comparable and their support stellar. I realize I just began with Hostgator but as a web developer/builder since the 90’s there are much worse places to be for your web needs. Kudos and thanks y’all!

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded Sep, 2020):

    Hi Donna,

    We're so pleased to hear that you've had an awesome experience thus far. Thanks for the great review and welcome to the HostGator family!

    Customer Advocate at HostGator


    1  — September 24, 2020

    Slower than slow

    Moved my small wordpress blog to Host Gator after seeing one of their promos and while the admin tools are pretty awesome, the actual results… Let’s just say I left months into a multiple year plan. That’s a multi-year plan I won’t get money back on (but that part is on me, I should have bailed day two with that 45 day policy… my bad).

    Why? Well that’s simple: it was slow. Like >20 seconds to render, can’t even get google page speed to run and even start the load process. Again, I’m talking about your typical small, niche blog. No crazy designs, no amazing addons, nothing but basic posts and maybe a few images.

    Of course, I reached out for help with this. After a half dozen messages about optimization and then magical DNS changes, I disabled or removed just about everything from my site to test their suggestions and while things did go from slower than dirt, they only made it slow as dirt.

    I’ve got months of already paid for time left but when clicking admin pages takes forever and a day, you know something is wrong and it just wasn’t worth sticking around for even if it cost me a few bucks for the lesson.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded Sep, 2020):

    Hi Ted,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. We'd like to take a look at your account and see if we can determine what happened. If you could please reach out to us at reputation@endurance.com and provide the primary email address on your account we'd appreciate it.

    We do completely understand why you left and we don't blame you. In an effort to do better we want to learn more and look forward to your response.

    Thank you.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator


    1  — August 23, 2020

    Shared hosting is very slow

    They are getting worse and worse. My website on their shared hosting used to work fine but about 6 months ago I started noticing that sometimes it works much slower – it took about 5 sec and more to load the page. Now it’s slow almost every time – it works fine only for a short period of time
    I talked to tech support but they always blame my website optimization. When I asked them, how can you explain that it worked fast 1 hour ago and now it’s 10 times slower? They claimed that they don’t see any slowness on their end. A few weeks ago, the server a few times failed completely and returned code 500. But tech support pretends that they don’t know about it. I ended up moving to another hosting provider where my “not optimized” site works perfectly fine with the cheapest plan. Unfortunately, Hostgator doesn’t want to refund money for the rest of the year but I’d better lose money than I would deal with them anymore..

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded Sep, 2020):

    Hi Oleg,

    We're terribly disappointed that you chose to leave HostGator, but we understand you had to do what you felt best for you.

    We understand your frustration with not getting a refund, but when you signed up for service you agreed to our Terms of Service:https://www.hostgator.com/tosand that includes our refund policy.

    We wish you well.

    Thank you.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator

    Paddy T

    1  — July 1, 2020

    Truly terrible

    Even as a customer of over 10 years, when I really needed them, they have been terrible. The server that has been hosting my website seems to have crashed and although I use their live chat or their phone lines almost every day – it’s been nearly 3 weeks now – they still just provide platitudes and never email me with news of what’s happening even though they keep promising they will do.
    Are Hostgator in financial difficulties? Are Hostgator going bust?I’ve been logging all of the live chats and just feel helpless. Hostgator have proven themselves truly dreadful

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded July, 2020):

    Hi Paddy,

    We assure you that HostGator is here to stay. It's not okay that our support teams haven't met your expectations. We've opened an escalated case and an Escalations Manager will be in touch with you shortly to ensure that everything is sorted out. Our apologies for the delay, there is no excuse. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator

    Jaime G

    1  — June 17, 2020

    6 days for a restoration and still waiting…

    As detailed in the article, with this host you end up paying more than you think in a first moment (pricing isn’t clearly explained).

    Support is always available and they treat you well. However, many times they cannot solve the problems. For example, they told me my Codeguard subscription was turned off but it kept on and therefore I needed to pay extra.

    Last PHP version is never available (at least in the plan I have). I also had many issues regarding domain emails going into spam and lost many days trying to solve this. Last but not least, it’s been more than 6 days since I requested a restoration (for 25 USD extra…?), they told me it will be done in a maximum of 72 hours and I’m still waiting and losing time every morning to ask for the same thing…

    I’m changing of host as soon as my restoration is done, bye bye friends

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded June, 2020):

    Hi Jaime,

    Ouch! Our apologies for the delay in getting your site restored. We'll be in touch with you soon to discuss your concerns and make things right for you. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


    1  — June 9, 2020

    Useless support and poor servers

    So for me the Hostgator server has a 60-100 second wait once or twice per day. All other times the speed is ok, nothing special, maybe 2 seconds for the entire site (and I’m an IT pro who has optimised). After extensively logging all the times my site was unavailable, Hostgator replied to me that their servers were up, just not responding quickly. The SLA is for servers being up, so the fact that my own experience of Hostgator is no better than 90% availability (which is AWFUL), I had no remit whatsoever to complain as the server was working. Their response is I should upgrade to a dedicated package.

    The support is pretty useless, took me about 15 conversations for them to understand my issues and stop asking me to optimise my site (which is the difference between a 2 and 3 second load, vs waiting 50 or 80 seconds for the server to respond). That is despite me having the evidence pre-prepared and easy to understand.

    So my overall experience is that I would not spend any more money with them if they paid me to, and I deeply regret reading articles which said how reliable they are – because the version of reliable is not the same as the user experience version of being able to actually access a hosted site.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded June, 2020):

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us. We'd love to do a deep dive and see if there's anything we can do to resolve the issue for you. We respectfully request that you send us an email to reputation@endurance.com and provide the primary email address on your account and the best phone number to reach you and we'll see what we can do to make your remaining time at HostGator better. Thank you.

    Dave B

    2  — June 8, 2020

    I’m out of here!

    Excellent customer service. Usually. It needs to be given the amount of times I have to contact them. Not so good at present with them pretending not to understand my issue with any of my or any other Hostgator sites not showing on a certain device I purchased when absolutely any non Hostgator site works fine on this device. Shame really. Prices are fine too. Dashboard is back to front, the free SSL has to be unnecessarily asked for, website forwarding fails, file transfer issues, failure to fulfill an arranged telephone call…..
    I’m just working out the best way both practically and financially to get away.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded June, 2020):

    Hi Dave,

    It's so disappointing to hear about the experience that you've had. Thank you for taking the time to share it. We've created an escalated case and an Escalations Manager will be in touch with you soon to see what we can do to make things right. We don't want to lose you over this. Thank you.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator


    1  — June 1, 2020

    No support

    After 14 yrs as a client I am leaving HG. In the past week, I have spent 9 hours trying to get support, been disconnected 8 times and still my site is not working; pages are blank except for the home page. WordPress PHP is not compatible and basic config files are missing. They promise to help and it’s just a stall to see if I contact them again. So disappointed!

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded June, 2020):

    Hi Susan,

    Oh no! That is simply not acceptable and not what we expect from our support teams. If you would, please, contact us at reputation@endurance.com and provide the primary email address on your account and the best phone number to reach you and we'll make things right. We truly value our long term clients and do not wish to lose you over a known LiveChat issue. Thank you so much in advance.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator


    2  — May 20, 2020

    Going down, down hill…Moving on

    I’ve been with HostGator for a few years, and while their tech support is knowledgeable & courteous, our site’s performance has been upended. As a caveat, I’m the company CEO, not the IT/web person, but it seems we have grown beyond the shared server capabilities simply by upgrading our web site to provide more information. We don’t do e-commerce of any kind, but provide consulting services. We recently went for a major site upgrade, switched to a different WordPress theme, and new information. Our site consequently broke…not once, but twice with two different WP themes. And we’ve had to rebuild it twice at a cost to our clients who rely on the information we provide them, especially during this Covid-19 time. Our site isn’t that complicated, but turns out shared hosting doesn’t have sufficient PHP memory for us. It wasn’t until I personally reached out to tech support a 5th time about this problem that a tech person (in India or wherever) said that the problem was the PHP memory… We couldn’t update our site using Elementor, but come find out through various forums that the problem is we need at least 512M, or even 1024, and we’re limited to 260M. Why after 4 calls, no one in tech support (until the last tech person) could tell me this, is beyond me. Anyway, in contacting forums, numerous people asked why I was using HostGator in the first place as my WP host. I’ve now wondered why myself now.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded May, 2020):

    Hi David,

    It's extremely disappointing to hear that our support teams didn't figure out the issue on the first go round. We expect more from our support teams. We would like to talk to you about your concerns and see what we can do to make things right for you. Please, if you would, reach out to us via email at reputation@endurance.com and provide the primary email on your account and the best phone number to reach you and we'll do our best. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Our apologies that we failed you.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator

    Tim B

    1  — April 28, 2020

    HostGator used to be the best, now they are the worst

    I had been with Hostgator for quite a number of years. Back in the day, their support and service was outstanding.

    Something changed, and now I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy. I had missed a couple of payments and in the old days you got suspended and got to catch up the payments to bring the sites back up – which is more than fair.

    NOW, for whatever reasons, the same happened and good Ole Hostgator Completely Wiped out my Hosting Account. My Sites and Client Sites have simply been deleted without any notification. No reminders, Zilch.

    To me that clearly shows they have total disrespect for their clients, long or short term. It doesn’t matter.

    I would highly recommend that you stay very clear of this company.

    I had to help rescue a friend from Hostgator, who could not ( or simply didn’t know how to ) update PHP above 7.1. After a long battle with them, they managed to get it up to PHP v7.2.4 which beggars belief.

    Yet, another reason to stay away from Hostgator.

    They need to take a very hard long look at themselves.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded May, 2020):

    Hi Tim & All,

    We generally give a 10 day grace period on invoices before suspending service. We then send out 3-4 past due reminders and data is kept on our servers for 45 days post suspension. We took a look into your account and it was cancelled in December 2019, but you never contacted us until April 28, 2020. We're disappointed that you didn't contact us sooner so that we could accept payment and restore your sites.

    All of our policies about payments, cancellations and data are publicly available to you and all customer here: https://www.hostgator.com/tos and you agreed to the Terms of Service when you signed up with HostGator.

    We would like to call your attention to two specific items.

    Section 12 point D:
    Late Payment.
    All invoices must be paid within ten (10) days of the invoice due date. Any invoice that is outstanding for more than ten (10) days may result in the suspension or termination of Services. Access to the account will not be restored until payment has been received. If you fail to pay the fees as specified herein, HostGator may suspend or terminate your account and pursue the collection costs incurred by HostGator, including without limitation, any arbitration and legal fees, and reasonable attorneys' fees. HostGator will not activate new orders or activate new packages for customers who have an outstanding balance on their account.

    Section 14, point H:
    HostGator may terminate your access to the Services, in whole or in part, without notice in the event that: (i) you fail to pay any fees due; (ii) you violate this Agreement; (iii) your conduct may harm HostGator or others or cause HostGator or others to incur liability, as determined by HostGator in our sole discretion; or (iv) as otherwise specified in this Agreement. In such event, HostGator shall not refund to you any fees paid in advance of such termination, and you shall be obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued prior to the effectiveness of such termination. Additionally, HostGator may charge you for all fees due for the Services for the remaining portion of the then current term.


    All of this to say, that we feel we give ample notice of past due bills and we retain data for more than a month to allow customers to catch up on payments and we feel this is more than fair.

    We're very disappointed that you had this experience, but we stand behind our policies. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and wish you well in your future endeavors.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator


    1  — April 19, 2020

    Bad Software, Worse Support

    I used HostGator a couple years ago, and it was a fantastic experience. Shortly after my purchase I had someone call me offering help. It was great. I used them for a few months, and then the project I was working on didn’t come to fruition so I closed the website.

    Now, April 2020, I have a new project, and decided to be loyal, and return to the company that was once great to me. Within 40 minutes I realized that the site I made in their Website Builder wasn’t publishing properly, so I contacted their support. The support agent I had took about 5 minutes between each message. It took 20 minutes alone to get me verified, despite the fact I had to log in to use the live chat. After about an hour of being in the chat, while they couldn’t figure out what was going on, I decided I’d just cancel, and go somewhere else. I told them that I wanted to cancel, and then suddenly my site is working again, and everything is fine.

    I decided I’d keep trying their service, because I do have the 45 days. I decided to use their 1 click install to get MediaWiki on the website. Go through the 2 steps to get it installed, and it gives me an error when I try to access it. I contact support again. This time saying I want to cancel, and tell them what’s going on. They offer to be on chat and walk me through the steps of installing it with me, but it’s literally steps like type the directory you want to make, and what’s your username. I tell them I just want a refund, and they start the process. About 10 minutes later a thing on my screen pops up saying that I’ve been disconnected because the chat was inactive. I reconnect again, wait out the 5 minute waiting period for the 3rd time in one day, and get someone that can help me. After about 20 minutes in that chat, I get my refund. The refund itself will be 5-7 business days.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded May, 2020):

    Hi William,

    We're disappointed to hear that you weren't satisfied with your experiences with our site and our support teams. We would love to have been able to make things work for you, but you decided to go ahead and cancel, so we can't do that. We wish you well with your new provider. We're still here if you change your mind. Thanks.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator


    2  — April 8, 2020

    Time to Move On

    Been a client of Hostgator since 2011 on a shared hosting plan. Everything was fine for our purposes until last fall (2019). Email server issues with MSN accounts rejecting emails from Hostgator’s email servers (thus getting bounce-back email messages because Hostgator’s multiple email server IP’s have been flagged for a number of spam reasons by other Hostgator clients). Hostgator advised in the end to upsell to an email plan, which isn’t financially viable for running a number of nonprofits on the shared hosting account that uses a handful of emails at low volume activity. Tech support for the most part is good (after a string of emails some resolve if the phone tech is unable to resolve), polite and knowledgeable techs, etc. etc.. Pricing has naturally increased over the near decade of service. As well I see other changes coming, and other changes not happening (i.e. not using the preferred version of PHP for WordPress) which I’m not too keen on. It was a good run while it lasted. Been through this before with another hosting service. Time to move on.

    We asked HostGator for a response:

    Hi Dan,

    Oh no! We really don't want to see you go. We'd love to discuss this with you and see what we can do to keep you as a client. Please drop us an email to reputation@endurance.com and provide the primary email address on your account and the best phone number to reach you and we'll see what we can do.

    Please know that we have been working away at updating all our servers to the latest version of PHP, it's been a bit slow going because we don't want to break peoples website who have plugins that aren't compatible.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator


    1  — March 17, 2020

    Don’t use Hostgator if you have a real business.

    I hate leaving bad reviews, but this is too important not to share. We are a small company and we don’t do any marketing email, only billing and answering questions for customers. Our emails on Hostgator constantly get flagged as unwanted spam, phishing, etc. They say we have to upgrade to get on a “clean” server, which seems wrong.

    Since this was the 5th time calling about the emails getting flagged as spam or phishing, I was ready to do that, but customer service dropped the call (not us, it went to the survey- so it was her hanging up) So, I called right back and after sitting on hold for 20 minutes, no one picked up, then in the chat help, it said 15 minutes for help and it was over an hour. By the time someone answered, I’d gone back to work and missed the message. Been with them 3 months now and we still don’t have functional email.

    Also, beware of the 45 day cancellation policy. It sounds great, if you are transferring a domain, you can’t transfer it again for 60 days, so you’re stuck with them.

    So, long story short, if you actually do business on your website and need to be able to send/receive email from customers then the hostgator is not the place for you. I’m not sure where we’ll move to, but we’ll be eating the investment and moving our hosting this week.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded April, 2020):

    Hi Carrie,

    This is not the experience we expect our customers to have and we would like to make this right for you. Please email us at reputation[at]endurance.com and provide your primary email address and the best phone number to reach you and we'll get you taken care of. Thank you.

    Customer Advocate at HostGator

    Roycelynne R

    4  — March 2, 2020

    Service works for me

    The server and support service so far satisfactory. I am able to contact the support desk at a reasonable time and have provided very good support.

    Response received from Erinn, HostGator (Responded June, 2020):

    Hi Roycelynne,

    Thank you so much for the great review! We're so happy that you're happy. Thanks for being the best part of the HostGator Family.

    Greg J

    5  — February 16, 2020


    Working on my first website, really pleased with Hostgator thus far. I’ve used their support which was perfect! i’m seeing evidence they’ve got the bases covered and have all the features i’ll ever need, easy to access. Yea, yea the price doubles after the initial period or whatever.. don’t think i’ll hold it against them.. it’s not like my website will have many other outgoings to cover.