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Website Maintenance CostsWhen it comes to websites, prevention is always better than cure. A faulty website won’t only cost more money to repair but can also damage your business’s image and goodwill. This is why you need to invest in website maintenance.

That said:

You’ll need to know what kind of maintenance your website needs. Different websites require varying degrees and types of maintenance. But, how exactly do you figure this out?

Don’t worry.

Below you’ll find the different maintenance costs per website category, a breakdown, and a rough estimate for each, as well as a sample breakdown for a small restaurant business.

So, let’s get started.

Costs by Website Category

Not all websites need the same type and degree of maintenance. Your small hobby website won’t need the same professional-level graphics and email marketing like a serious business website will. Here’s what each website category needs and their estimated monthly costs.

  • Hobby – Domain, and hosting are the only costs you’ll need for a hobby website since you’ll mostly be doing everything yourself. These costs are estimated at $3 to $25 per month.
  • Personal – Similar to a hobby website, domain and hosting are the only costs you’ll need for these sites. These costs are estimated at $3 to $25 per month.
  • Business – Depending on the size of your business, you can expect to pay $225 (domain, hosting, graphics, email marketing) to $2750 (domain, hosting, graphics, email marketing, website updates, and maintenance) per month.
  • eCommerce – Depending on your online store’s size, you can expect to pay $450 (domain, hosting, general updates, graphics, email marketing) to $6000+ per month (domain, hosting, email server, graphics, email marketing, technical support, website updates and maintenance, security, tracking, and analytics).
  • Corporate – These websites tend to be the largest and widespread. They will require the most to maintain compared to the other website categories. You can expect to pay $5150 to $9740+ per month for a corporate website.

10 Common Websites Costs Breakdown

The above-mentioned maintenance costs are the bare minimum required for each website category. Here’s a breakdown of each cost to help you understand their purpose and why they may be required.

1. Domain Registration

How much you pay your your domain name per year. This cost depends on your domain registrar.

  • $10 to $20 per year

2. Hosting

How much you pay for a good website hosting plan (server). Different hosting plans offer different features for your website. Your website’s category and size also determine what level of hosting you’ll need.

  • Small to Medium blog – $2 to $20 per month (here’s a list of cheapest hosting services)
  • Medium to Large blog – $25 to $100 per month
  • Small to Medium eCommerce – $25 to $100 per month
  • Medium to Large eCommerce – $100 to $500 per month

3. Content

No website is complete without content. Most times, it’s what attracts visitors to your website.

  • Good writers usually start at $.15 per word.

4. Email Server

Getting your website a custom mail service adds to your website’s professional image. However, some hosting providers don’t include a mail service for free. So, you may need to get yours from a third-party provider.

  • $0 to $5 per user per month

5. General Updates

How much you pay for maintenance tools or professional services to keep your website up-to-date. This includes updating your plugins, themes, and your CMS in general.

For example, a hired professional will be responsible for automatically updating your WordPress website’s plugins, making sure it works with the latest version of WordPress. The professional is also responsible for making changes to your articles, format a blog post, add/edit a product.

  • $0 to $190 per month

6. Design Updates

Design updates keep your website looking fresh with modern design and graphics. You either subscribe to a graphic software plan to make design changes — by creating the graphics yourself — or hire a professional to do these for you.

  • $0 to $1,600 per month

7. Tech Support

How much you spend on technical support. Good support is important when your website experiences issues like a broken contact form, shopping cart, server errors, managing backups, etc.

  • $0 to $3,000 per month or $60 per hour on a site like Codeable

8. Security

How much you spend for an extra layer of security like spam prevention, automatic backups, and generally protecting your website from attacks. Depending on your website, some countries will require you to have certain security and privacy features.

  • $0 to $100 per month

9. Tracking and Analytics

How much it costs to get an analytics report and monitoring for your website. Paid analytics tools help you optimize your website to get the most bang out of your buck.

  • $0 to $300 per month

10. Marketing

To help you market your website. This may includes email marketing tools, advertising, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.

  • $0 to $10,000

Example Small Business Website Maintenance Cost

Now, you may be thinking “the above-stated information is well and good but how do I apply this to my website?”

No problem. Here’s an example we’ve put together for a small restaurant business ( we made sure to make it as cheap as possible). While other website types may need different maintenance costs, this example can at least help you estimate your maintenance costs.

A small business website can expect to pay up to $1.167 per month for its Domain. That’s $14 per year and includes Domain privacy. Paying for web hosting adds $2.75 per month to that cost. You’ll want to look for a web hosting service that offers a free email server.

Since your website won’t be too big, you should be able to handle the general updates yourself. However, you may need to pay up to $67 per month ($50 to $75 per hour for 4 hours every 3 months) if you want to update your website’s design and graphics.

Tech support won’t cost as much for a small website. Expect to pay $10 per month ($60 per hour every 6 months, since it’s a simple business/brochure website). You won’t need to pay for website updates and maintenance costs if you can do them yourself.

Website security won’t cost you a thing since you’ll only need to protect your site’s comments and contact forms from spam (included in most hosting plans). Likewise, you can stick with Google Analytics for free tracking and analytics. Lastly, since a small restaurant website rarely reaches 2000 contacts, you can get a free Email newsletter from MailChimp.

All in all, you’re looking at just $81 per month to maintain a small restaurant website. However, if you want to market your website through email, advertising, Facebook ads, and/or Google ads, you may need to add up to $1000 per month to the total cost.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Domain: $1.167 per month ($14 per year + Domain privacy)
  • Hosting: $2.75 per month
  • Email Server: FREE (from hosting)
  • General Updates: FREE (do-it-yourself)
  • Design Updates for new restaurant graphics: $67 per month ($50 to $75 per hour for 4 hours every 3 months)
  • Tech Support: $10 per month ($60 per hour every 6 months, since it’s a simple business/brochure website)
  • Website updates and maintenance: FREE (do-it-yourself)
  • Security: FREE (spam protection only, since it only handles comments and contact forms)
  • Tracking and Analytics: FREE (Google Analytics)
  • Email Newsletter: FREE (Mailchimp)
  • Total (without marketing): $81 per month

What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your Website?

Some people make the mistake of ignoring website maintenance to cut costs.

Bad idea.

While it may save you money at first, not maintaining your website can lead to several (costlier) problems down the line.

Outdated website design means a weaker user experience. This ultimately leads to your website getting pushed back in search engine results. The same results happen when your website has outdated content.

The worst thing to happen will be finding the website, you’ve worked so hard on, broken because of some outdated code.